Cooking with Kids

This is Zach’s first year in full day school and one of the things we do to spend time together is cook. On this page, you will find the recipes that Zach and I have been making together. This is where I act as his sous chef. Quite often he picks the recipes, reads the recipes and measures. In fact, he just picked out a new cookbook for himself from Williams Sonoma, so you should be seeing many more recipes on here from him. He has been busy picking out all the things he wants us to make together.

Cooking together is a great activity for us. We love spending time together in the kitchen, it is special time for us. He is learning so many things. Aside from how to cook, he is learning what is healthy, reading the recipes helps reinforce his reading skills and reading and measuring out ingredients, helps to reinforce his math skills. And when we are done, we get to enjoy a delicious snack together and share it with the rest of our family.

Angry Birds Cupcakes

You may remember me talking about my little buddy, Cole (my bff’s son and my daughter’s bff). Today he turned 4! To celebrate, he came over and Mia, he and I made Angry Bird Cupcakes. I used Magnolia Bakery’s cupcake and icing recipe, which I have used before and I love. It is simple, easy, [...]

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Whole Wheat Scoop Cookies

My kids love snacks. Call anything a “snack” and they are hooked. Everyday when my 6 year old gets home from school he can’t wait for his snack. He loves when I have something homemade and different for him. I love when that snack is a healthy one.Since this cookie is made with whole wheat [...]

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Apple Pie Pops with Salted Caramel and Spiced Whipped Cream Dipping Sauces

Last week a friend gave me a bunch of apples she had picked at the orchard to make an apple pie. The next day my parents’ brought me more orchard apples, to again, make an apple pie. Clearly, apple pie was in my future for the week. Last week I made 3 different apple pies. [...]

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Chilled Cucumber-Honeydew Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds…

I took my kids to the park today and came home with their best friends. I also came home starving, having packed lunches for the kids but not myself. So when 3 ½ year old Cole turned to me and said “let’s make something” upon walking in the door, my answer was let’s do it! [...]

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