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Sargento Natural Cheese vs. Processed Cheese – Get the lowdown.

I admit it, I have been guilty of buying processed American cheese for my kids. And I have bought it without giving it too much thought. Then recently, I was provided the opportunity by the Motherhood and Sargento to invite some friends over and participate in a cheese tasting, comparing Sargento’s natural cheese with the [...]

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Fall Leaf Pie Crust Cutters

How cute are these leaf pie crust cutters from Williams-Sonoma. They are adorable and so fun! Fall is a huge pie making season for me and these cutters elevate pies to a new level of prettiness. Before these, I have spend much time hand-cutting out leaves from pie dough to top and garnish my pies. [...]

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Immersion Blenders – A must have if you love to make soup.

I love my immersion blender. It is so handy. I use it to puree applesauce, milkshakes,veggies, soups, etc right in the pot. It is so much easier and less messy than transferring your food to a blender or food processor and then transferring it back every time. The immersion blender gives me decent control of [...]

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Beverage Servers – a perfect addition to a party’s drink buffet!

I think beverage servers at parties are great, especially since I tend to mix up a cocktail or 2 beforehand for my guests to enjoy as a featured cocktail of the night.  They look attractive, display your beverages of choice beautifully and make serving easy. They are also a handy way to serve a larger [...]

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