About Me:

I love dinner parties. Before having kids I loved to throw elaborate dinner parties, properly coursed, plated, paired with the right wine and a palate cleansing intermezzo in the middle.  Always served on a table set with fresh flowers, candles and crisp linens.  Now with a 3.5 year old and 6 year old I still love to throw them… on  a slightly different scale. I love to entertain, plan a menu and set the scene whether it be an intimate dinner, a barbecue, a cocktail party for 40 or week day dinners for my family.

I love planning a meal that comes together and goes together from the drinks served to the dessert. I love food. To eat it, taste it, cook it, and discover it in new ways. I love playing with recipes and adding an obscure ingredient that makes the whole dish pop.

My MIL said it best when she said that many people express themselves through their art and cooking is my art.

About Me as told by my sous-chef and 6 year old son:
My son is one of my main reasons for starting this blog. He loves my cooking and we love cooking together. It has been his wish that I do something with my cooking and share it with other people. He wants the two of us to open a restaurant in our house. Since that is not happening – I we are starting this blog. He is very excited!

I am so excited for my mommy’s blog. She makes great cooking and everyone will love it. I love cooking with my mommy because it’s so fun. My mom is great at making delicious food.  I don’t have a favorite food, I like trying new things, but my mom has a favorite food – ice cream!

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